About Pane Vino

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Owners David Spallina and Richard Alloco take pride in serving only the freshest steaks, chops, seafood and made to order Italian meals at our two locations:

Pane Vino on the River

Located in the heart of downtown Rochester, Pane Vino is just steps away from many of the major hotels and local festivals in the area.

Pane Vino on the Avenue

Located in Pittsford, NY, Pane Vino On The Avenue opened September 2018 as the sister restaurant to Pane Vino On The River.

Explore Pane Vino on the Avenue

Rochester’s premier Italian dining experience can now be found at two locations: Pane Vino on the River in the heart of Rochester or Pane Vino On the Avenue at 3400 Monroe.   Each location offers the finest traditional dishes infused with modern touches by our master chefs. Enjoy a wide variety of unrivaled Italian recipes as well as the finest steaks, chops and seafood. 

Pane Vino serves only the freshest food, delivered daily and prepared to your liking, and  we are more than happy to accommodate any special orders and to comply with any food restrictions. 

Each location provides a wonderful open-air venue to enjoy seasonal alfresco dining.  For private events, Pane Vino On the Avenue can accommodate up to 250 people.

Whatever your occasion – an important power lunch, a relaxed visit with friends, Sunday brunch, or a romantic evening with someone special – Pane Vino offers intimate settings, expansive patios, elegant bars, and live music that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary!

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